Special Meeting with Eugenia Sun Hee Kim
Special Meeting with Eugenia Sun Hee Kim
  • Park Lee Dahye/Junior Reporter
  • 승인 2010.06.03 20:34
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On April 30, in the World Women’s Literature Center (WOWLIC) of the Main Library, there was a special meeting with Eugenia Sun Hee Kim, a notable Korean American writer.  She is given attention as a novelist writing a novel about Korean history, even though she has never lived in Korea.  Many Sookmyungians could hear her family story which affected her works, and felt a glimpse into the world of Korean American literature by participating in the lecture.  In fact, she has questioned herself about her family and her identity.  However, the question consequently leads her to find who she is.  “The fact I can’t speak Korean always makes me constantly challenged, which gives me a great deal of strength to write a novel,” she said.  During her lecture, she often made jokes and awkwardly spoke some Korean words, by loosing somewhat heavy atmosphere.  At the end of the lecture, students had free time to talk to her.  Now, in WOWLIC, the exhibition is displaying various Korean American literature, including works of Chang-rae Lee, Nora Okja Keller and Min Jin Lee from April 19 to September 30.



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