Donation of Daehan Empire Relics to Sookmyung
Donation of Daehan Empire Relics to Sookmyung
  • Byun Ji Geunah/Cup Reporter
  • 승인 2010.06.03 20:41
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On May 6, Cha Gil-Jin (CHA), the president of Hooam Future Institute, donated three pictures of the Daehan imperial families and a folding portable Taegeukgi1 which was used at the time of the Samiljeol2 to SMU.  These relics were known as very valuable things which were given by an anonymous benefactor.  This was the second time after the donation of King Youngchins’ relics in 2008.  President Young Sil Han said, “I’m very thankful to president CHA for giving these valuable things to SMU and helping to secure our school’s legitimacy.”  Also CHA said, “Donating of these three pictures and Taegeukgi shows that Samiljeol was related to the recovery movement of the Daehan Empire.”  Relics which were donated to SMU are going to be exhibited in the permanent exhibit hall in SMU with previously donated relics.  

1) A name of the national flag of Korea

2) Independence Movement Day happened on March 1, 1919







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