It Is Designed by Sookmyungian
It Is Designed by Sookmyungian
  • Park Kim Injin/Jnior Reporter
  • 승인 2010.06.03 21:17
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THE CHANGE, the 42nd Student Government notified ‘Sookmyung Tshirt Design Contest’ on April 29. The closing date of the application was on May 10 and the winner was announced on May 12.  The first prize was awarded free Sookmyung T-shirt with her own design and also 50,000 won free ticket for Dalbokki, the Korean snack restaurant near by SMU.  For the second place winner, free Sookmyung T-shirt and 20,000 won free ticket for Dalbokki was awarded.  Sookmyungians voted for the best design online and also offline.  There were three designs which competed, and each designs received total 539, 70, and 142.  The winning design is printed out as Sookmyung official T-shirt with two different color; pink and navy.  The Sookmyung official T-shirt with the winning design was placed on sale from May 19 to 20 between 11AM and 17PM at Queen Sunheon Building open square.  Many Sookmyungians were interested and paid attention to our newly designed T-shirt as it was designed by our student herself.



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