777 Jackpot
777 Jackpot
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What comes to your mind when you think about casinos?  Themovie ‘21,’ in w hich Harvard students succeed in robbing acasino in Las Vegas?  Or Las Vegas, a city of casinos?However, the system of the casinos concentrates not only onthe winning rate of games, but also on the psychologicalfactors which affect gamblers.  And casinoshave created anew field of tourism industry which has resulted in more jobsand higher wages around the local economy.  The casino industry is drawing attention as a high value-added industry.


SMT  Where is casino originated from?

HWANG The term casino is from casa in Italian, which means “house.” 

The word is derived from Italian, and casinos appeared from ancient Rome. Aristocrats of ancient Rome often spent their tedious time gambling in their gardens.  Unlike today’s casino, it was not very official.

SMT  What are the essentials of a casino?

HWANG Casinos have games which are strongly related with probability; because of this characteristic of casinos, the industry of casino guarantees high-rate profits. For that reason, casinos need to attract as many customers as they can.  The big difference between company business and casino business is that casinos focus much more on customer satisfaction through detailed marketing strategies.

SMT   Why does the federal government control casinos, their income, and customers in Korea?  Why does it regulate casinos that much?

HWANG A casino is an official gambling place.  Even if it is the official place, the government has a duty to prevent people from being addicted to games.  Gambling addicts can easily bring about economic destruction of their own family and the destruction often leads them to self-destruct and commit suicide.  Those results also negatively influence the society they belong to.

SMT  There are some movies such as ‘21,’ ‘Oceans 13,’ whose main story is robbing a casino.  Is robbing a casino really possible like in those movies? 

HWANG No, it is impossible, there are many security systems and private guards in the casino as those movies show us on the screen.  It is too risky a challenge to break into the casino. And the cameras, CCTV, are keeping a close eye on all the people in there.

SMT  There are many psychological strategies in casinos which affect gamblers.  What are common strategies we can easily miss?

HWANG I also told you promotion to customers is also important; however, casinos make people

stay longer and longer to spend more money.  Then, do you know things are missing in a casino?  First, there is no clock there, since casino leads people to forget how long they stay there, and to concentrate only on doing the game. Second, there are no windows there, for making people forget day and night.  Third, there are no real flowers, because living things respond to time. Also, the carpet of casino is highly designed for a psychological reason. The color of carpet always includes red and the design is too fancy and geometrical, because the color and design excite people who visit a casino.








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