Finding What You Love to Do
Jinsuk Byun  |  bjinsuk@sm.ac.kr
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What kind of life do you want to live? Do you want to live a life like celebrities with everybody’s attention? Do you want to make a lot of money like Bill Gates and live a luxurious life? Do you want to have power like a president of a country? Do you want to have prestige like a Nobel Prize winner? Or do you want to live a self contented life of a priest in a remote humble hermitage?

One thing which is common to all of the above is that they did what they are good at or what they loved to do.  The common key to every different kind of success is doing what you love to do.  Lay people cannot win over genius.  A genius cannot win over lucky man.  However, even a lucky genius cannot win over a man/woman who does things what he/she loves to do.  Why? Because they can to it for 365 days in a year or in American expression 24/7 (This means 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, which again means without stopping).  If you do anything 24/7 for a year or two, and as a result, if you have accumulated knowledge, experience about it, nobody can win over you. 

Now, the problem is how you find the things you love to do.  The one and only person who can answer to the question is you.  ‘Nobody but you’ can answer the question.  Ask yourself those questions like, what do I like to do most? What is most comfortable to me? What am I good at? Watch yourself constantly from objective perspective and try to find what you like to do most.

You might not be able to find it within next couple of years, or within next five or ten years, or even you never find before you die.  In that sense, you are very lucky if you find it when you graduate. Maybe it is your life long goal.  Maybe it is your quest for your self identity.  Yes, it is true. 

I don’t want to make it too philosophical though.  Very practically speaking, if you find what you love to do or what you are good at, and if you have it as your job, your chance of success in you life becomes unbelievably high simply because, as I said, you can do it 24/7, and again, nobody can possibly beat you.  Your winning in the contest of life is guaranteed.

One problem with this approach is, however, it does not say what you do before you find what you love to do.  Do nothing before you find it? No.  You have to do at least something at one point of time.  It might not be the best, but still, you have to do something.  Here is second best and temporary option until you find it.  Try to like what you are doing now until you find your true love. You might never find what you love to do.  What you love to do might change over time.

Conclusion: constantly ask yourself whether you like what you are doing now.  Constantly watch yourself to see whether you are comfortable in doing what you are doing now.  Until you become convinced that you have the right one, try to like what you are doing now.

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