The Installment Plan for Paying Tuition
The Installment Plan for Paying Tuition
  • Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter
  • 승인 2010.09.05 20:19
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SMU allows students to pay tuition in two installments.  This plan started this semester for enrolled students except freshmen in their second semester or students who won a scholarship for more than a half of tuition.  Shim Seuk Young, team manager of Finance and Accounting said, “To give a substantial help to students we decided to start the installment plan for paying tuition.  There are many students who took out student loans, so we examined the installment plan carefully. ” For this plan, Baek Joo-young, a freshman from the Division of Communication said, “It is true that the installment plan exists to ease the tuition burden for students.  However, I wonder if it will really be helpful because even the installments are hard to pay for people who are not well off. ” To pay in two installments students should select to pay tuition in installments on the Intranet.  The first half should be paid during the proper registration day and the second half should be paid during October (or April in the first semester).

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