Sookmyung Reaches to Senegal
Sookmyung Reaches to Senegal
  • Kim Chung Jin Yong / Cub Repor
  • 승인 2010.09.07 17:55
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SMU decided to donate educational commodities to educational facilities. SMU is now trying to diversify its’ way of helping, by commodity aids.  Relations between SMU and dates back to last year. Last year, president Abdoulaye Wade received an honorary doctorate at SMU. In June, he invited SMU to . President Young Sil Han visitedGastongBergerUniversity and kindergartens near the capital city. The President and those with her felt sorry for their poor education environment. So SMU decided to donate computers and 600 pieces of school supplies. SMU is planning to hold this donation on a regular basis.  The Student Culture and Welfare team manager of SMU Choi Sung Hee said, “Each departments has its own plan to help Senegal. In our department, the Student Culture and Welfare team, we are considering making an event in which students can participate together, like sending T-shirts or cards made by students.” SMU’s educational vision to raise talented women across borders is coming true.





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