Pioneer Mind To Attract The World
Pioneer Mind To Attract The World
  • Sah Kim Hyesun/ Women Desk Edi
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“The Voice of all the vocalists can touch and persuade p eople easily, because we sing lyrics which are the message of each own.”   As a vocalist, Shin Jae Eun (SHIN) was a shy girl  with hunger for music and her dream in university life and she still is.  As a professor and international relations manager in Korea for the Royal Academy of Music, London (RAM), she became a person with a strong responsibility and share decisiveness who fosters talented students as well.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met a proud alumna of Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU), the first Korean in charge of Asian auditions and the Korean branch manager of RAM. During the interview,  SMT found the world was moved by her pioneer mind and spirit melting on her voice.

SMT  As a teacher and professor, you work hard with the sense of duty to cultivate many talented students.  In the interviews and auditions, how do you usually evaluate students?  In your opinion, what’s the standard of being talented?

SHIN  Passion to learn, and attitude to accept — I think so-called talented students should know full well what they want to be, what they want to study, and why they study.  Before interview and audition, students must have their own goals and dreams, and then show to me the passion, attitude and detailed plans to prove them.  That’s the right steps to attain one’s goals.  My students also hesitate to answer my question about their dreams.  Basically a student should be aware of what he really wants to be. 


SMT  RAM is one of the most famous international music universities in the world.  And you provided an exchange program with Sookmyungians from the College of Music.  What do you want to gain through this exchange program?

SHIN  In SMU, there are many opportunities to choose a wider career to most students who graduate, but not to the students in the College of Music.  Therefore, I just want to give them a broad opportunity.  In RAM, students can learn lots of music skills, but also possess priceless experiences that cannot be bought.  Also RAM is the best music school to study should not be a reason they go abroad.  What they want to achieve, gain, and experience from that place should be the reason.  I mean that you decide your own way at first and then find a route to get there.

SMT  We heard you were sick as a child and it threatened your dream of being a vocalist.  How could you put up with this crisis?


SHIN  Actually I don’t call it a crisis, it was a chance to me as a vocalist.  Therefore, I don’t say I ‘endured’ or ‘bore’ that time. I knew what I wanted to be, and I tried a lot.  If you are really eager to fulfill your dream, don’t  give up, and find a way.  If a something obstructs you, face it and develop a new way to get close to your dream, even if the way can be more tough and little bit longer than you expected.  However, you only need to be braver to get through it. 

 “In my real story, I was selected for a protagonist in an opera when I went to the U.S. to study.  I felt honored to play the character of a famous opera singer; however, I was inarticulate in my English.  I really studied hard to pioneer a new route by myself at that time.  I studied English again and again.  It was tough and demanding to put up with the strange environment, but it was worth my effort.  Go and face with all the hardships, and dream higher and higher than you can be.” 



Shin Jae Eun
-Graduated from Sunhwa Arts High School

- Graduated from College of Music in SMU with 4-year excellent grade

- Graduated from a Peabody Conservatory of the Johns Hopkins University

- Master’s degree from the University of Maryland College Park

- (Now) International Relations Manager in Korea for the Royal Academy of Music, London And professor of College of Music at SMU


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