How to Draw the Universe into Your Heart
How to Draw the Universe into Your Heart
  • Park Lee Dahye / Reporter
  • 승인 2010.10.06 11:46
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The universe always has secrets people deeply wonder about.  Here are girls who study the secrets and draw the universe in front of them.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) could hear their story from Lee Kyung-me (LEE), the representative of Hanulsum. 


Look up Hanul+Sum



Hanulsum is an astronomical observation club at SMU.  Its name was born from Hanul meaning sky and Sum meaning island.  “That’s because we make astronomical observations floating in the universe.” LEE said.  Still many students don’t know about what Hanulsum is.  Actually there is no astronomy department at SMU.  So the club was made to observe and study the universe with seniors and friends.  Since its establishment, Hanulsum has operated regular scheduled activities, events each month under three departments: the observation department, the Public Relations department, and the academic department. 


Come Closer to the Universe

Do you wonder how they observe heavenly bodies in the universe and how they find the mystique secret the universe covers?  Here are their activities.  Firstly, Hanulsum holds weekly seminars during the semester, which helps observation activities later.  The seminar is run with PPT(Power PoinT) or handouts that senior executives made at the beginning of the semester.  LEE answered that activity was very interesting because she found new facts by making seminar materials and gave other members that.  For observation activities, they are divided into two kinds of observation; regular observation, and irregular observation.  The irregular observation is done when the weather is fine.  “We look into the universe by using our astronomical telescope at the nice place to observe or at the school.”  LEE also said about the regular observation, “We visit an astronomical observatory and directly experience the observation, based on the astronomical knowledge in the seminar.”


Under the Hanulsum

One of the attractions of Hanulsum is the shining relationship between members.  They keep in touch with members through their online community and strengthen relationships, participating in MT (membership training) or events on campus, periodically holding a homecoming day.  Although Hanulsum is amateur, they can acquire knowledge of astronomy.  After a seminar about constellations, they also know different meanings or myths each country has about the constellations.  “Especially, we feel proud to be included in our club when we show ther people our knowledge and share it,” LEE added.  This is their own way to sincerely draw the universe into their heart.  Now under the Hanulsum, they are looking up at the sky.

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