Made in Sookmyung
Made in Sookmyung
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-
  • 승인 2010.10.06 17:28
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The Sookmyung Times (SMT) published its second newspaper this semester already.  In addition, it’s been two months since I took on the role of editor-in-chief of SMT.  At first, I was very afraid because of a lot of perplexing thinking like ‘Will I be as good really?’ or ‘Am I lacking as a leader?’  However, I decided to do my best because I had desperately wanted to excel.  Therefore, now, I am happier than anyone else.  I knew I could do it and we succeeded eventually.  We are moving forward step by step.

Last year when I was a freshman, I entered SMT as a cub reporter.  Everything of SMT was not familiar to me and it was was so hard for me in SMT which reminded me of the press.  My friends said I looked like a new employee who was joining a company.  Against all the odds, I began to realize the joy of publication with my name.  This article is mine and those newspapers are ours!  I made some products which bear my name and our university’s name through a lot of effort.  If you have ever created something, you could definitely know the sense of accomplishment.  It’s amazing.

"There’s an old saying that tigers leave only their skins when they die, but through his achievements a man’s name.”

Create anything which puts your name on it and leave your name behind whether the works are large or not.  I hope all Sookmyungians will put a brand, ‘Made in Sookmyung’ anywhere. 

Everything is your brand!










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