We Live in Dormitory
We Live in Dormitory
  • Kim Jung Jiwon / Reporter
  • 승인 2010.10.06 18:15
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Have you ever imagine life with a roommate in university like the ones in TV programs?  Many students could see a harmonious atmosphere of the boarding house in the Korean sitcom High kick to the roof, and the U. S. A drama Gossip Girl’s attractive experiences of characters when they entered the university.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) searched the dormitory of SMU and boarding houses around SMU for students living with anticipation because of the programs like this.



The Dormitory, Myung Jae Kwan


The dormitory of SMU was established in company with the foundation of SMU and it was rebuilt in 2008.  The new building is called the Myung Jae Kwan.  It receives students two times a year.  There are some qualifications for entering dormitory.  In 2010’s case, only students beginning in ‘09 or’ 10 can apply.  The other students who started in ‘08 and earlier can’t apply.  Among the total number of dorm students, 30% (140 people) is for ‘09 students, 70% (330 people) ’10 students.  The maximum living period is 1 year and all rooms are two students to a room.  Roll-call time is 11:30PM.  The way of selecting students is random method.  Total cost is 1,578,000 won per semester.  Breakfast and lunch are designated for obligation.  SMT surveyed opinions of 256 students of all 420 students living in dorm about these dorm’s qualifications and system.  










Dorm Lives in the Other Universities


Almost every university in Seoul has a dormitory.  SMT researched several of them.  The total cost of Hong Ik University’s dorm is 809,200 won and all its rooms have four people to a room.  The maximum living period is two years.  Students except freshmen account for 40% of the capacity, and 60% is assigned for freshmen.  Roll-call time is 12PM.  The total cost of Ewha Womans University dormitory (EWU) is averagely 1,297,000 won and there are ‘A’ dorm for freshmen and ‘B’ dorm for enrolled students except freshmen.  There are no limits on the living period.  Students receive meal tickets in the beginning and they can eat any breakfast, lunch, or dinner when they want.  Roll-call time is 11:00PM on weekdays and 12:00PM on weekend.  Korea Aerospace University (KAU)’s dorm is permitted for all grades and selects students in the order of merit.  There are no limits on the living period if student’s school grade is good.  Yonsei University’s dorm is also possible for all grades, and there is also no limits period.  By searching several universities, it can be known that many university dorms are permitted for all grade students.  Moreover the period other universities’ students can stay is longer than those in SMU’s dorms.  Almost all students living in Myung Jae building told that they want to live more years as other universities’ students do.  Of the 256 students polled as to what was their greatest dissatisfaction with the dorm, 198 students answered ‘cost,’ 32 answered ‘premature roll-call time,’ and 36 answered ‘meals.’ No one answered, ‘cleanliness.’  In response to the question, “What is the most satisfying thing?” 152 students answered, ‘bathroom in each room,’ 56 answered, ‘short time for going to school,’ and 48 answered, ‘cleanliness. ’ Kim, who doesn’t want to reveal her name, and lives in the dorm now, said, “I’m most dissatisfied with the cost.  In spite of that, I want to live in a clean place.  Therefore, I want to stay in the dorm longer if I can. ” Students generally said SMU’s dorm facilities are better than other schools’ but the expensive cost begins from that fact they thought.  They added, “We are thankful for the good facilities but we would rather have a longer period of stay.  ” In reality, it is not common that the bathroom is equipped in each room, and all the room two students to a room.  Most school dorms have 4 people in 1 room, and the bathroom is in the hall for common use.  There is also dissatisfaction about the obligatory meal system.  All the 36 people who were most dissatisfied with meals said they want a meal ticket system in which they can eat when they want among breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  There are people want a more tempered roll-call time.  32 people want that.  About that, Choi, Division of Economics 09 said, “I think the time of women’s university is generally rigorous.  There is a stricter roll-call time than other universities, but students can use a sleep out system effectively because SMU permits students to sleep out quite a lot."



The Dorm, It Is Not Only for Living


Now the dorm has a fitness center, reading room, and cafeterias.  Students have to stay in the dorm after curfew, so these things are arranged for them.  At SMU’s dorm, the fitness center is furnished with several exercise equipments.  Until the last year, students used the meal room for studying after eating dinner and cleaning up.  From this year, the reading room was made.  Jung, Department of Multimedia Science ‘09 said, “Although the reading room’s size is quite small compared to the number of students in the dorm, I like it.” Nowadays not only SMU but also many schools have these places.  In EWU and KAU, there are convenience stores in the dorm.  Instead of that, in SMU dorm, there are snack vending machines which have bread, crackers, dairy, and beverages.  Kim, Department of English Language & Literature 08 said, “The snack vending machines were really useful in my dorm days.  At late night, there are many students feeling hungry.  I use them many times, but they have some troubles frequently. ” Moreover there is a barbecue party held every year in the Myung Jae building.  On that day, the buffet is set, and many events like quiz time and giving gifts are prepared.  The Dorm is not for only living but for enjoying living.










We Live in Boarding Houses after Leaving Dorm


When asked where they live after leaving the dorm, 206 students answered, ‘boarding houses around SMU,’ 42 answered, ‘living by oneself,’ and 8 answered, ‘live with a relative. ’ Thus, most students have the plan of living around SMU.  SMT visited people living in boarding houses and searched about that.  Cha, Division of Business Administration 09 said, “When I looked for the house, I knew that there are many boarding houses demanding lump sum payments about half a year or 1 year.  I felt reluctant about that. ” Many students said in chorus that any area of boarding houses is generally not clean and not that good.  However they had to choose the boarding house because they don’t have enough confidence to live on their own.  They said, “We can’t make food for each meal, and worry about living alone.  We have no choice.  ”When you saw the Sookmyungian bulletin on the homepage, you could read about the sexual perversion frequently.  Despite the patrol or installation of CCTV, notices about the danger around the boarding house are constant.  When you run into danger around the school, you can get in touch with a security team of SMU at any time.  Park, living in the boarding house during three years, Department of History & Culture ‘07, said, “I think these areas are quite dangerous.  There also can be conflict with the house owner, but through living in boarding houses, I could gain some things which I can’t get without living like this.  There are bad things about living outside of one’s own house, but I wish that my juniors have an effort for seeking some good things in course of that. ” Like this senior’s saying, students need their efforts to be adapted to any situation, either dormitory or boarding house.  With it, school’s attentive listening to students is also needed because there are various opinions of students as much as their number.  When school offers more considerable things by hearing students’ voice, its original purpose of establishing, caring for students, will be more meaningful.

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