ROTC Tinged with Blue Power
ROTC Tinged with Blue Power
  • Byun ji Geunah / Reporter
  • 승인 2010.10.06 19:18
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After competition of seven Women’s University, Ministry of National Defense selected SMU as a model university on September 14.  End of three times of evaluation, SMU get the highest score, so they get an opportunity to produce the first women ROTC commission.  Yoon Hae In, sophomore of Department of Public.  Relations & Advertising and also a student who prepares for ROTC said, “I’m very happy that SMU is selected for ROTC.  I think this is a chance for our school to practice women leadership and developing itself. It is very glad to be in the same starting point with SMU.  From this year, 30 cadets will be selected, and by using near Hyochang Park and training center in Yongin, cadets can have a military exercise.  Also SMU will make preparation for Kugukkwan, a dormitory for ROTC cadets.  All programs and career of men cadets applies to women ROTC cadets too, and the first ROTC commission will turn out in 2013.

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