The ROTC Cadet Recruitment Presentation
The ROTC Cadet Recruitment Presentation
  • Kim Lee Seeum / Reporter
  • 승인 2010.11.04 11:48
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A Women ROTC Cadet Recruitment Presentation was held in the Samsung Convention Center on October 6.  The presentation progressed with an introduction video and President Young Sil Han’s explanation.  This presentation was aimed at not only university students, but also school parents. The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session.  Before the presentation, a one-on-one briefing session with Seoul National University’s ROTC student was also held.  “Although I already knew ROTC somewhat, I obtained new information from this presentation.  It’s amazing how much universities give scholarship to ROTC.  After the presentation, I had a favorable image of the ROTC.” said Jee Yeoun Kim, the Department of Business Administration student.

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