Doodle Freely
Doodle Freely
  • Kim Jung Jiwon / Reporter
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Can you feel pleasure by seeing some scribbles done by other people not by drawing yourself?  There are special doodles which can give a job, show human’s inner heart, and give dreams.  These also give a chance that people can have another sight about the scribbles different from the existing unfavorable eyes about them.  Which doodles can make them possible?

Graffiti Bears Great
Almost all people maybe have scribbled in a notebook or on a wall in their youth.  Are the scribbles only bad things?  For the approaching G20 Seoul Summit 2010, many articles emphasis on the importance of people’s basic manners like preservation of the cultural assets cleanly without any graffiti.  In contrast, some places where graffiti is permitted are coexisting with it.  There is cognition that graffiti is illegal and defiant still, but it is much easier to find graffiti in Korea than it was in the past.  On the streets of Hongik University and Shinchon underpass nearby Yonsei University, the walls drawn with graffiti are found here and there.  Above this, graffiti are found on the exhibition.  In April 2010, Daegu Metropolitan Nambu Library displayed about 110 scribble works containing sorrowful or funny stories of library users.  Also in June, the graffiti exhibition having the title “Show the Korean style by graffiti” was opened in Kawon School of Art & Design playground.  One of the graffiti artist group WONTAK’s members said, “In contrast with the past, we are asked a favor to draw on the street for the fine view of the metropolis.  We draw graffiti as art when called by advertisement companies or the city government.  The degree of acceptance is different than in other countries still, but it is becoming popular in Korea.”1

Art Goes to the Heart
Scribbles have advanced into culture, art, and also work because it can be an instrument of human’s free expression.  That is, it can reflect people’s psychology and characteristics well.  In reality, the horrible sexual violence by Kim Giltae might have been expected if his drawings had been found before, the experts said.  In these, there is his excessive anxiety about his closed life.2 The scribble is also useful for defining brain development as well as criminal psychology.  It is used for measuring spatial intelligence of 8 multiplex intelligences.  Based on it, in the course of keeping a baby, it is recommended to observe children’s scribbles.  When the child has an inclination that draw more places and spaces than only objects, the learning method for developing suitable intelligence can be known early.  3 As it reflects human psychology, it shows characteristics among the people group.  According to the Seoul News, Jan. 2007, there is a difference between women’s and men’s toilet graffiti.  The toilet is a thoroughly private and secret space, so its wall is drawn by human instinct.  People express themselves freely, and the graffiti in it mirrors the people’s inner side.  Of course doodling is controlled by oneself, but sometimes it can be a recommendable act for the human’s heart.

Dream by Doodle
Because doodling comes from the human heart, it stays in human surroundings all the time.  It comes into the world by appearing on many objects like watches, shoes, and clothes. Such a word, ‘Doodle fashion’ has sprung up.  Nike pays a royalty for graffiti artists to doodle on their clothes and shoes.  Swatch’s artist collections are also done by French graffiti designer Grems.  Han Sunsil, system operator of online shopping mall said, “Young adults in present days have strong needs for showing their own character.  They draw graffiti themselves on things as well as choose the special items keeping unique design."4  Keeping pace with this atmosphere, the City of Seoul provided opportunity to doodle in the Cheonggye Square.  Writing implements and boards set up on the wall were prepared, so many people could draw as much as they likes.  Nowadays the scribbles are not just unfavorable things anymore.  When it is done at appropriate time and place, it will be a welcome thing.

1 Kim Chunghwan「, “Graffiti is one kind of battle”」, Magazine Hankook, 2009.09.16
2 Lee Doowon「, Kim Giltae’s Scribble preannounces the violence」, MBC News, 2010.03.11

3 Moon Yonglin『, Intellectual capacity revolution』, Business books, 2009.09.10, p. 224
4 Lee Byungtae「, Doodle is also fashion!」, SBS News, 2006.07.03

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