'Inside Paul Smith' and Feel It
'Inside Paul Smith' and Feel It
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong
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“Taking inspiration everyday from objects and things he observes, his style (often referred to as Classic with a Twist’) has an unmistakable Englishness augmented by the unexpected which is a true reflection of the designers’ character.”

From the introduction of the Daelim Contemporary Art Museum, you can catch the point about what the Englishman says and does from his collection.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) can also discover the joyful imagination and inspiration of the famous designer, businessman, collector, photographer and fashion icon.  Paul was not majored fashion or design but he is crazy at his job, art designer.  He will inspire you.  Through this exhibition, feel him and his life and knock your passion!

                         www. daelimmuseum.org

Section 1

Source of Novel Ideas, Paul’s Art

“I have always had art and paintings around me and in my shops; the idea of what we call an art wall has become my signature.  My choice of art has always been spontaneous, never based on fame, celebrity or value.”

The second floor is filled with his fresh, intense, and colorful collection. .  You are not allowed to take photographs in this floor.  Also, surprisingly, you can meet his design through Paul’s Art.

Section 2

Massive Storeroom, Paul’s Office

“The studio where I work every day in Covent Garden is a mass of toys, paintings, photographs, books, and objects - a wonderland for some, a nightmare for others.  No I am not a bit of a hoarder - I am an enormous hoarder!”

If you enter the third floor, you can discover a very dizzy room.  It is Paul’s office.  The Museum reproduced and compressed Paul’s office, filled with it’s objects, paintings, and photographs.  Through the office, you can feel his life style and art.


Section 3

Art Power, Stamped Objects

“For over 15 years I have been receiving these crazy things from an unknown fan.  It’s really amazing.  It seems to me to be more artistic than a lot of so called art which is revered around the world.”

It is the most interesting because you can watch various presents from fans.  Those are attached with numerous stamps, but they look like other pieces of art.  Those respectable objects are diverse from an E. T.  doll to skis.  The strange spectrum made by stamped objects suggests the question, “What is art?”

Section 4

Another Passion, Paul’s Photography

“I started Photographs immediately and basically never stopped. . . .  Mine is always instant, I always carry a camera.  If I hadn’t been a designer, maybe I would be a photographer.”

Both walls are chock full of Paul’s photographs.  You can connect easily the relationship between the subjects in his photographs and his art.  Paul’s photography shows the national flag of England, signs, or flags and colorful objects.  You have to realize about that because his art style is defined by typical traditional tailoring of England, unusual design, colors, and patterns.

Inside Paul Smith Tips

Tip 1 Get a discount!


If you have an SKT(SK Telecom) membership card and are a member of the Museum’s online homepage, you can enter for 2,000 won.

Tip 2 Interpretative exhibition!

Guide explains about the art collection of Paul Smith on the hour.  You can understand about why Paul Smith collects the pieces, what they are and who the artists are.

Place Daelim Contemporary Art Museum

When 2010. 09. 02 ~ 11. 28 (Closed on Mondays)

Time 10:00 ~ 18:00

Price 5,000 won

Visit www. daelimmuseum. org













































































































































































































































































































































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