Priming Water and Priming Leadership
Priming Water and Priming Leadership
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong
  • 승인 2010.11.04 16:24
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Hello, Sookmyungians! Half of the semester has passed, but I hope your semester was well and will continue well.  Halfway through the exams, what are the things you learned?  I feel I’m growing and maturing every time I hear lectures and finish my reports or team projects.  Getting one year older in SMU, I’m proud of myself as a Sookmyungian. I sometimes think I’m really becoming a woman whenever I learn and discover new knowledge.

Have you ever heard about ‘Majungmul?’ Majungmul is a pure Korean compound word, Majung (meet) and Mul (water).  It means priming water in English.  Priming water means ‘the first water’ is needed when people use a pump which was not used for a long time.  That is, when the handle is pumped and you try to draw water, there is no pressure, no seal, so that will help bring a little water.  It is necessary to prime the pump by pouring water back down so that abundant supply may than begin to flow.


People say, “A good start is half the battle.” Well begun, half done.  Do you believe special meaning of the first? I do.  So, in that sense, I think it was great to be selected as the first women’s ROTC university.  SMU was honored with the first women officers.


Priming water also has special meaning because it is the first and enables the pump to flow.  In some ways, prime water has something to do with Servant Leadership of SMU.  You learned about practicing before anyone else and helping other people to display their ability.  You can do that. Become priming people!  Make pump effect!  Do your best as ‘the first!’.   So prime and meet every day for the big ocean of tomorrow.


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