Korean Music, Liaison Between Asian Country
Korean Music, Liaison Between Asian Country
  • Kim Chung Jinyong / Cub Report
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SMT Who is your favorite Korean singer?

WANG My favorite Korean singer group is Super Junior.  Especially my favorite member is the youngest member, Kuhyun.  I think he has a really good voice.  I like the group Super Junior because they are working at various entertainment fields, so I felt a sense of friendliness toward them.

LU Group 2NE1’s member, Park Bom is my favorite singer.  I like her voice.  I think her voice and singing style is similar to those of Mariah Carey, in some ways.  Also, she has beautiful appearance.

SMT What was your first chance to know Korean songs and singers?

WANG In 2006, Korean dramas were very popular in China.  For example,the drama ‘Full House,’ and ‘My Name is Kim Samsun’ were big issues among people.  It was a start of Hallyu.  At first, by Korean drama, I had a interest to the country, Korea.  After that my interest moved from Korean drama to Korean songs and singers, naturally. 

LU When I was a high school student, one of my friends recommended I listen to a Korean song.  I can still remember the very first Korean song I heard. It was TVXQ’s ‘Stay With Me Tonight.’  After that, I searched on Internet, and since I like Hip-Hop music, I became a fan of 2NE1.

SMT What do you think is the difference between Korean music and Chinese music?

WANG Korean singers have to go through a long time of training.  This helps Korean singers to have high skills of singing and dancing.  Compared to Korea, Chinese singers tend to just put importance on singers’ appearance.   I think this makes a difference between Korean and Chinese singers.  When I hear Korean songs, I feel that most of Korean songs are very loud and strong dancing music.  The fact that the amount of dancing music is much higher than soft and ballad music is another characteristic of Korean music.

LU One big difference of Korean singers to Chinese singers is that Korean singers can sing and dance very well at the same time. Chinese singers usually choose one between singing and dancing.  Recently, there are so many numbers of idol stars in Korea.  I can’t distinguish each girl group because their styles and appearances are really similar.

SMT Recently, more and more Korean singers are acting in other countries, and there are several Korean girl groups including Chinese members.  What do you think about this?

WANG Korean singers are really popular in China.  Almost every Chinese high school student has their favorite Korean singers.  Singers like Super Junior held their concert every year and thousands of fans attended.  By these Korean singers’ actions, many Chinese have very positive and friendly impressions of Korea.  Many Chinese students want to go to Korea and study, and as a result, many Chinese universities have opened Korean major courses.  I think Korean groups including Chinese members show friendship between the two countries.

LU Many Chinese who want to be a star, apply to Korean entertainment companies because they think Korean entertainment companies have better training courses and they can give a bigger chance to be an international star. Korean groups including Chinese members show internationalism which is a current trend.  I think these international groups can work as a liaison between Asian countries because the two countries are sharing common interest.


Wang Wen (WANG)

Photos by JY

Hello, everyone. This is Wendy. I am an international student from China, and I major in Global Cooperation in SMU. I have been in Korea for 6 months, and I really enjoy my life in SMU, Seoul.  During my first semester, I made many Korean friends who helped me to be acquainted with Korean life in no time.  Professors were also kind and generous to foreign students, which have made me feel warm as if I was at home.  I like Korean food so much.  It is delicious, but a little spicy.  I will stay in Korea in the following several years, and I think I'll spend a pleasant time here and fall in love with this attractive country.

Lu Jin Xuan (LU)
Hello, I’m Dino. I came from China, Gansu Province.  I was born in March, 1991.  I’m in the School of Global Service, and my major is Global Cooperation.  I like music and movies.  My favorite music style is Hip-Hop music, and I like Eminem very much. I also like The Beatles, Mariah Carey, Beyonce and many others.


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