First Leap of Economic Laws Society
First Leap of Economic Laws Society
  • Jang Park Jihye
  • 승인 2010.11.05 17:07
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Economic Laws Society of SMU received a special award from the 9th Mock Fair Trade Commission Contest where undergraduate and graduate students competed.  In this contest, participated teams had their own mock trial about a case related to the Fair Trade Commission.  The participants could choose the case and had an independent decision of the subject for their mock trial.  On October 7, Economic Laws Society of SMU gave a demonstration to Sookmyungians who were interested and curious about the mock trial they had in the competition.  Kim Min Ju, a leader of Economic Laws Society said, “We challenged this contest at the state of knowing nothing about economic laws.  But, we could finish it safely due to the cohesion of team and encouragement from Professor, Lee Gi Jong.  Through this contest, we saw the possibility of Economic Laws Society and gained confidence.”  When most other participants prepared this contest for more than a year, only 2 months preparatory period was given to the newlyorganized society.  However, they still received a valuable outcome.  Economic Laws Society is preparing to compete continuously for next year.



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