Hello, We Are Sookmyungian!
Hello, We Are Sookmyungian!
  • Ahn Park Dabom / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.12.05 10:12
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SMU is literally only for women.  However, here are the boys who break the rule bravely.  They are enough to be special by just their existence to us.  To be a friend with them, how about giving our ears to their stories in SMU?


 SMT What are the advantages and disadvantages of SMU?


SIMON I would say, the university is big and has everything around.  It’s really efficient that I can get to the stores or banks so easily. Also, the international officers, teachers, and workers around here are so nice.  They always smile. Moreover, the program where I’m working now as a French teacher is really fun.  I feel good because I can be both a student and a teacher at once.  Last, but not least, there are so many activities that I can do here.  Museums are well-established.  But, I feel bad because the dormitory has no kitchen.  It’s really annoying that I cannot cook by myself. Though the foods are quite cheap here, buying every meal every day is too expensive.  Also, I have to get back to the dorm by 12 o’clock every day.  I am 22 years old and I can take care of myself. 


SMT Are there any differences between women in SMU and women from France?

SIMON The way of getting dressed is very different. All the styles they wear are similar.  No such strange styles or experimental styles that French often try.  And, Korean women are shyer about actions and reactions.  Not in a bad way, but sometimes I feel cold. It’s a strange feeling.  I think, people are pretty much the same here and in my country.  Some people are friendly, and the others are unfriendly.


SMT You would be able to make friends in SMU naturally.  Have you ever been helped by them in your works?

SIMON I think women’s university students are really nice.  They have been helping me with various things, like telling directions, buying cell phone, going to the international office, and handling the bank work.



Hello! I’m Simon from France.  I studied English as my major. I’m glad to come to SMU as an exchange student. Thank you for your kindness for me.  You are my good friends!



SMT What are the advantages and disadvantages of SMU? 



PU First of all, there is a subway and many kinds of buses.  The stations are also close to SMU, so I can find them easily.  Through them, I can go to everywhere I want to go.  The dormitory is comfortable enough to rest after the classes.  However, the men’s rooms are so few that I can’t find them easily.

SMT Are there any differences between women in SMU and women from Taiwan?

PU In Taiwan, students in university don’t wear high heels.  Almost all of them wear sneakers.  However,  Sookmyungians always wear high heels.  I think every woman in SMU is stylish.  They have their own style which shows their individuality.  However it is so strange to wear 3-lined-slippers with socks.  It would be make feet feel comfortable, but it is so unbalanced!

SMT You would be able to make friends in SMU naturally. Have you ever been helped by them in your works?

PU I didn’t know anything about how I could get documents for life in Seoul.  I was so confused.  Fortunately, one of my friends brought me to a ward office and helped me enroll in the alien registration.  She also helped me buy a cell phone.  I was so thankful for that.  Without her help, I would have been in trouble.

SMT What makes you confused in your campus life?

PU It is unusual for me to go home or to the library after the class.  The students in SMU don’t talk each other.  They just pack their bags and go. I want to talk to them but they seem to be always busy.


Pu Kuan Chung

Hello! I’m Pu Kuan Chung from Taiwan. I majored in Korean before I came to Korea.  I came to SMU as an exchange student 2 months ago.  I am having a good time with SMU.  Don’t be shy and talk to me without reserve!  I want to be  your friend.

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