We Share Love by Kimchi
We Share Love by Kimchi
  • Kim Lee Seeun / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.12.05 15:43
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Sookmyung, Love Kimchi Sharing Festival was held by the Office of Social Service on November 4, in a square in front of Queen Sunheon Building.  It was a volunteer festival where students and professors who applied to volunteer made Kimchi and the Office of Social Service delivered that Kimchi to residents of Yongsan ghetto.  Volunteers made Kimchi, packed it to deliver, and labeled it.  After volunteering, they were given rice cake, Geotjeori that is a fresh vegetable salad dressed with garlic and chili powder and a beverage.  Also there is a celebrate shooting time.  After all the program finished, all volunteers were given volunteer confirmation documents and souvenirs.  According to the festival manager, although this festival has been held annually, volunteers are always enough.  In this year, the number of applicants was more than one hundred, including professor applicants.  Moreover, there are volunteers who participate on the spot.  “ Even though I participated with this volunteering for volunteer confirmation, it’s really fun to make and also it gave me an accomplishment.  Also, I didn’t even know how to make Kimchi. Now I can do that,” said Do Geog Guean, Department of Education ’08.

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