Harsh Becoming a Cadet of ROTC
Harsh Becoming a Cadet of ROTC
  • Kim Lee Seeun / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.12.05 15:48
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An examination of physical strength was done by Army Cadet Command on November 17 in Hyochang stadium.  This examination involved longdistance running, push-ups, and situps to determine applicants’ basic stamina.  Each test was graded by their records and these records of fitness test will take 20% of their final grade.  Until now, applicants went through written test and personality test.  Army Cadet Command already announced the names of the applicants who passed the first exam.  Therefore, around only fifty applicants who passed the previous exams take part in this examination.  Su Hee Hea, department education ’09, one of applicants said “Although test is very tough, as first women ROTC, I will remain in history.  Therefore I will have passion and pride.  I think it worth all these harsh tests.  I really hope to be accepted as ROTC member.”  After this, applicants will have final interview and only thirty of them will be accepted.

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