Remarkable Activities in Judicial Examination
Remarkable Activities in Judicial Examination
  • Jang Park Jihye / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.12.05 17:44
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SMU produced four successful candidates in the 52nd second-round state bar exam and this is the best record until now.  Even though the number of selected people was declined this year, successful candidates of SMU even increased compared with last year.  In 2009, the number of universities which had produced over 10 successful candidates was only 16, but the number has decreased to 10 this year.  In this point of view, SMU can be rated as the range of 10th easily.  Also the number of successful candidates of law school is 17 and SMU is ranked as the first among universities which weren’t authorized as law schools.  Therefore, SMU produced 20 future people in the legal profession in this year.  Likewise, this is the best time to go on to law school.  To get good results from now on, much concern in SMU is needed.  “In case of other universities which achieved enormous developments, there were full supports from university.  Regarding this, Department of Law also needs much support from university and concern of students,” said the Dean of Department of Law, Seong Min Sup.

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