Again Light of SMU Shines
Again Light of SMU Shines
  • Lim Lee chaeri / Cub Reporter
  • 승인 2010.12.05 17:49
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SMU installed electric lights and some trinkets on trees.  Then the 8th Sookmyung snow festival opening ceremony was held in a square in front of the Queen Sunheon Building on November 2.  The event started with a performance from Sookmyung group Sulhyunae.  President Young Sil Han delivered a greeting message and turned on the light switch.  The sports awards ceremony was held in the morning.  Many performances by DESTINY, NIVIS, BSL, and MAX heated up the atmosphere of the festival and Sookmyungians became as one.  Anyone who participated got free bread and hot tea.  Despite the sudden cold weather, many Sookmyungins attended.  This 8th Sookmyung Snow Festival will continue from November 2 to December 1.  “After admission, I look Snowflake Festival firstly.  Tree lighting was very beautiful, and the performance was very fun, so I didn’t feel cold.  And I hope many Sookmyungins participate in the Snowflake Festival,” said Lee Hee-ae, the department of History & Culture `10.


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