Think Positive and Creatively!
Think Positive and Creatively!
  • Lim Yang Yunjeong
  • 승인 2010.12.05 18:08
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“In life there are always ups and downs,”

says the old Chinese proverb (塞翁之馬, Saeongjima). 

The story of Saeongjima is that, once upon a time, there was an old man who was called Saeong.  He had a horse but the horse ran away across the border.  Village people sympathized with him but he said, “It can be a good thing.” Finally, the horse returned in a few months with an excellent horse.  The village people celebrated that but he said, “It can be a bad thing.”  Actually, his son fell from the horse and was crippled.  Although his son was seriously injured, he was peaceful.  After one year from the accident, war broke out.  Every strong young man was taken to the battlefield but his son was safe. 

There’s a similar story about the Aomori apples of Japan.  In 1991, almost all the apples of Aomori fell because of a typhoon.  The famers were very discouraged.  However, one farmer gave attention to the remaining apples instead of the lost ones.  He overcharged the apples to the examiners with the marketing that those were strong apples which overcame the typhoon.  The apples were sold out like hot cakes and he made good money. 

The common point of the two stories is that through positive thinking they endured adversity.  However, there is a big difference between Saeong and the farmer.  Saeong just endured, but the farmer endured and overcame because he thought positive and creatively.  Eventually, he acted.  Of course, positive thinking is a very good advantage.  It can make you stand in any different situation.  However, if you want to not only just stand up but also walk forward, you should think creatively.  That is, you should think not only how to endure the hardship but also how to change it to a new opportunity.  Opportunities are found in times of crisis.  Think positively, and creatively!  So change everything in life.  Your weak apples can also become strong apples.  Why do you ignore or hate your weak apples?

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