Dazzling Brilliance Culture, from Louis XIV to Marie-Antoinette
Dazzling Brilliance Culture, from Louis XIV to Marie-Antoinette
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Fastes de Versailles (Honor of Versailles) is the word which can explain the golden age of France.  From Louis XIV to Louis XVI age was the period of the Renaissance of Europe royal family culture, so throughout Exposition Spéciale du Chéteau de Versailles, people can see the splendid art of French royalty.  Not only portraits of the French royal families but also the picture of the Versailles Palace are on display in the arts center.

Color RED: Louis XIV

When you first step in to the exhibition hall, you can see the red painted walls and displays.  The color red symbolized the powerful French monarchy of Louis XIV.  Portrait de Louis XIV en Jupiter exactly shows the strength of Louis XIV and France.  It draws Louis XIV as Jupiter (Zeus), who is the king of the gods, and it is the representative art work of mythological portraits.  On the bottom of this art, there is writing, which means “ This young king is another Jupiter.”  Also, there is a painting and miniature of the bed room of Louis XIV.  It was one of the most luxurious bed rooms in France, which was covered with all gold. Moreover, the first France royal insignia is on display, too.  With these displays, the start of the luxurious France royal culture is shown.

Color BLUE: Louis XV

In the next blue hall you can meet the art works about Louis XV.  First, there is the 2nd royal insignia.  It was made in a new style called “Louis XV style,”which has beauty of space.  In the middle, there is a lily, which is the royal coat of arms. The background color is painted like a red block, so it seems like an official portrait.  Also, there is an “Apollo of Rhodes,” which stands for Louis XIV on the top of the art.  Throughout this, Louis XV emphasized the power of France and permanence of politics.  Furthermore, in this section, you can see blooming French arts by sophisticated interior decorations.  The most representative thing is La Galerie des Glaces (the room of mirrors), which located in the blue hall.  Reproducing La Galerie des Glaces in the museum is hard, so it is a little side mirror room; however, you can see the huge picture of it and imagine about the actual one.  After seeing it, a huge golden and bright room will appear in your head.  The room is the most gorgeous thing that you can imagine in this museum.

Color GREEN: Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette

The last room is covered with green, which symbolizes Louis XVI.  The style of Louis XVI was the most luxurious and extravagant.  Also, the elegant style was made in the age of Louis XVI.  The art works in this room show these cultural styles very well.  As the room is named “Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette,” there are lots of art works of Marie-Antoinette, too.  Therefore, one of the most colorful portraits in this exhibition is Marie-Antoinette en Grand Habit de Cour.  Many symbols of the royal family were used and the background was drawn like a stage, so it was exhibited in La Galerie des Glaces because of its luxuriousness.  However, the exhibition does not just end with luxurious things.  The art works which deal with the death of Louis XVI are exhibited in the end of the hall.  Next to the art works of the death of Louis XVI, there is L’Illumination du Belvédere au Petit Trianon en 1781, the painting of the royal villa of Marie-Antoinette.  There aristocrats and Antoinette enjoyed performances and parties frequently.  Throughout watching this work at the end of the exhibition, we can think about the not only the fancy life of the French royal family, but also their tragic end.

The beautiful and luxurious culture of France was ended by the death of the king; however, still culture remains and shows their powerful and graceful life to us.  You can feel the Versailles trend which hit Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by this first exhibition of the national treasure paintings of France.


Exposition spécial du cha^teau de Versailes

Place   Hangaram Art Museum in Seoul Art Center
When   2010.11.05 ~ 2011.03.06
Time   11:00 ~ 19:00 (Entrance is allowed until one
           hour before closing)
Price   13,000 won (full price for age 20 and up)
Visit   http://www.versailles2010.co.kr

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