Be Smart SMU!
Be Smart SMU!
  • Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter
  • 승인 2011.03.08 20:16
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To keep up with the Information age, SMU made mobile web and application (App) program for smart phone users.  The main page of Sookmyung App consists ‘SM NEWS,’ ‘NOTICE,’ ‘MAIN SERVICE,’ and ‘SM APP/WEB.’ Just with smart phone, Sookmyungians can receive information much more easily.  The course registering system and timetable are now in preparation.  Moreover, to have systematic programs for Academic Affairs, SMU introduced an ERP system and came up with a new site called ‘Sookmyung Blue Ribbon System.’ A freshman from the Division of Communication Da Hoon Kim said, “I think Sookmyung App is very useful.  With the application, I use diet menu and check arrival time of bus.  Now, I am expecting for the timetable service.  However, I wonder why SMU made the ‘Sookmyung Blue Ribbon System’ without any pre explanation.  This new service system is much slower than the old INTRANET.” Recently, many Sookmyungians are writing complaints about ‘Sookmyung Blue Ribbon System’ in SMPLAZA.  Therefore, Academic Affairs Services check the system every evening and they upgrade the services by reflecting those errors found.  ‘Sookmyung Blue Ribbon System’ has a little problem, but now SMU is developing its own information technology by creating various smart systems.

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