Welcome New Sookmyungians!
Welcome New Sookmyungians!
  • Ahn Park Dabom / Reporter
  • 승인 2011.03.08 21:26
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SMU entrance ceremony and welcome party was held in Seoul Olympic Stadium.  At the entrance ceremony, it had many events such as the freshmen oath and awarding the scholarships.  “Today is the day to welcome the new family, the happiest day in this year and the solemn day when you resolve to devote yourselves for learning and teaching with a new attitude.  I promise that we will do our best for all freshmen to be the great people who make bright the world bright.” President Young Sil Han mentioned in the entrance ceremony.  ROTC cadets who were picked to represent the Sookmyung family of this year stood at attention when the faculty members entered.  At the welcome party, the announcer Ka Eran who graduated from SMU and the announcer Kim Hyun Uk presided.  It showed the videos of students of SMU and popular entertainers.  Besides Sookmyung Gayagum Orchestra with the B-boys, Supreme Team and Crying Nut made good performances enough to rouse people’s big excitement.  The freshmen will have time to solidify friendships and the unity of the students in Phoenix Park and Hanwha Resort.  



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