Design Your Time
Design Your Time
  • Kim Jung Bo-mi
  • 승인 2007.05.08 13:30
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Do university students lack desire or have a boring and quiet life?  Everyone dreams of a successful campus life.  Most university students live busy lives, so they can't spend 24 hours alone.  How can students spend their time productively?

Let’s look at a list of problems that may cause unproductive behavior.

     1.  I have no vision or long term goals.
     2.  I do not plan specific projects daily.
     3.  I can’t concentrate on work for a long time.
     4.  I often put off my work.
     5.  I’m often told that I’m lazy.

How do you rate on the cause above?  Perhaps, many people say, “This is just ike me.”  Don’t be disappointed!  Let’s look at some smart ways to spend your time.

1. You should plan your future (Set a target for: a job or a university grade)
Think about what you truly want in your life.
2. Every day set detailed goals.
A person who has a goal is different from a person who has no goal.  Similarly, a person who has many goals is different from a person who has few goals.
3. Set aside the right time for the right work.
You should arrange your schedule for school activities, school work and meeting with friends. Remove unproductive work and prioritize your most important tasks.
4. Do it right now!
Why do you feel that you postpone tasks?  Resolve any unsolved problems to free your mind. Accept the challenges of your responsibilities.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. 
5. Make efficient use of spare time
You can read a book on the subway or do your homework using spare time at a library.
6. Enjoy your life.
 Try to enjoy every moment, regardless of whether it is interesting or not.
7. You shouldn't waste time feeling guilty about you have done or to regret your  failure.
8. Set deadlines for yourself. 

<How to control your time and your life> Alan Lakein

* Alan Lakein - He is a world-leading expert on personal time management.  His system was used by Former President Bill Clinton.


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