Myungshin Library for Humanities
Myungshin Library for Humanities
  • Byun Ji Geunah
  • 승인 2011.04.05 21:39
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SMU made a room in the library and named it Myungshin Library.  The word Myungshin takes its name from Great Learning, which is written by Confucius.  It emphasizes that by studying classic literature people can improve the virtue and do the social work practice, which means the cultural ideal.  Also, Myungshin is the past name of SMU, so the real meaning of Myungshin Library is to make Sookmyungians as a creative leaders by reading classic literature. Myungshin Library is made because of the lecture Readings in Humanities.  Therefore, about 110 kinds of new East and West classic literatures are prepared in the library.  Eun Jeong Kang, Department of Public Relations & Advertising, said, “I think the new Myungshin Library is very useful.  Also, I am glad that the school makes investment in the Humanities.”  Mungshin Library is opened for all Sookmyungians, but the books are not allowed to be borrowed.

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