Forever with You
Forever with You
  • Sah Kim Hyesun, Kim Jung Jiwon
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Only SMU has a special program called “Mentoring program”managed by the Career Development Center (CADE).  A mentor who is a professor in SMU, public figure, or alumnae leads Sookmyungians to develop their career and to have a desirable college life.  Almost all participants satisfy the program which provides them with good communication and deep connection between mentors and students, and many experiences from mentors they couldn’t easily get through university life.  The word mentor is derived from Odysseus’friend’s name in Homer’s OdysseusOdysseus trusted Mentor to take care of his family while he went into the Trojan War, and his friend Mentor looked after his family for about 10 years.  After that time, people still call a person who gives someone help and advice with wisdom, trust and experiences a “Mentor.”

However, many Sookmyungians don’t know about the mentoring program well or hesitate to take part in the program.  In this semester, the CADE opened approximately 40 mentoring programs which varied considerably according to the mentors’specialties.  For example, if a mentor works in a bank, then he or she often teaches students a way of study for getting into a bank or personal difficulties and agonies he or she had in university.  So, the Sookmyung Times(SMT) specially reports all about the mentoring program and an interview from Professor Sul Wonsik to introduce this beneficial and advantageous class for Sookmyungians. 

How to Apply Professor Mentoring Programs

-Professor Sul Wonsik, "Effective Preparation to Go into the World"

My mentoring program helps students to prepare for beginning the world through effective study plans. University life is a door to enter the world and an important period not only to study what truth is, but also to learn how to compete and cooperate in the world.  My program teaches students many must-do things.  When teach, I found some students lacked attitudes and qualities as workers in an organization or society.  When students start to work, students’ affiliated college also takes an important criterion; however, it is more important to represent self, keep relationships with others, and strengthen ones own competitiveness.  Those are also things I want students to learn. 

Attitudes that students should keep in mind are passion and sincerity.  Almost all mentees have good attitudes and they get the first prize in corporation training periods after entry into the world.  One of my mentees also called that she got the first prize in the National Credit Union Federation of Korea.  Through this program, I want to be an interdependent mentor.  Even if mentoring program is one-semester class, I want to make a dependable and helpful relationship forever with my mentees.

Meet Mentor, Catch Career!

Another mentor is also waiting for you here.  The CADE developed the Advisory Committee Mentor Program composed of Public Figure Mentoring Program and Alumnae Mentoring Program in 2003, and this program has opened every semester.  The Advisory Committee Mentor Program has many mentors represented by CEOs, announcers, analysts in financing, authors, and representatives of foreign affiliations.  Among these social personages, some mentors are alumnae.  They provide abundant chances related to career.  Image making lessons, meeting executives and be training in practical business, reporting practice with an announcer as well as finding information about that career basically, all these can be experienced through this mentor course.  Moreover, this mentor program is not only helpful for searching for a career, but also for providing friendly times like traveling with mentors to Nami island, going hiking, and watching soccer games.  These valuable programs are opened every semester, and Sookmyungians can apply on the CADE homepage just before each semester begins.   Total 14 mentor programs were opened in this semester and there are also various mentors until now including announcer, KBS reporter, representatives of Hyundai Development Company, Yuhan-Kimberly, and Mirae Asset Securities.  Now, SMT introduces two programs which were also opened in 2011, among many mentor programs.

Public Figure Mentoring Programs
-Park Chun Woong (Park), “The Way for Catching Fishes”

The mentor of the program named The Way for Catching Fishes is Park who is representative of total outsourcing company Staffs.  He regards being a success in one's own life as more important than being a celebrity in society.  He makes times not listening to lectures but various experiencing by oneself.  In his mentor program, students did distinctive things like presentations in subway stations in front of many unknown people, rafting with mentees, and bungee jumping. Park said, “If Sookmyungians can have flexible thinking, confidence, and challenge through my mentoring times, I will be really completed and happy.  I hope they can have their own ways for living.”  Perhaps from his unusual lesson times and sincere mind for Sookmyungians, his mentor program took the No.1 satisfaction ranking.  He has been with SMU for 8 years for now, and his mentoring is progressing this semester.  A mentee Jung Jiyeon, who participated in it last semester said, “Through the Way for Catching Fishes, I could catch my confidence.  With bungee jumping, I could know that when we start something, it turns fear into delight.  With the time “just go and find your ideal type on the Myeongdong street,”  I can feel that the brave can gain things at any time, in any situation.  Finding something from my inside, it is more important than any other.” 
Another participant who was a member of 13th mentee team said, “Do you imagine having self-introduction on the subway station?  We also thought we can’t do it at that time.  However we could do it, and when I did, I thought if I can do self-introduction to an unknown crowd with confidence, I also will be fine in front of impassive face interviewers.  I think that mission is the most helpful for me.”  Like seniors’ comments, if you want to know your self more and have courage for life, The Way for Catching Fishes will help you catch what you want.

Alumnae Mentoring Programs
-Cha Yoon Sun (Cha), “Strategy for Joining Foreign Affiliations”

Executive search firm Nowbest’s representative Cha is mentor of Strategy for Joining Foreign affiliations.  She is an alumna as well as head-hunting expert, so Sookmyungians who joined her mentor program said that through this time, they could meet a sharp mentor and also a warm-hearted senior.  Her mentoring was also opened in this semester, and with this course you can prepare for applying foreign affiliated.  She covers everything from writing English letters of self-introduction, resumes, and mock interviewing to how to handle mistakes, visiting foreign affiliations, and at last, an opportunity of internship in a company can be given.  All information for entering foreign affiliations are hardly obtainable usually, but through this course, you can receive plentiful information as well as these practical experiences.  Lim Hyejin, Division of Education ’06 said, “I could know appropriate talent and the right people on the type of company.  I feel I proceed to attractive applicant for enterprises.  Above that, I'm so glad because I can get connection with seniors working in society with priceless times.”  Another mentee Kang Eunjin, Department of Biological Science, said she could get a chance for entering the company she wanted by her internship thanks to Cha's recommendation.  In spite of her, all mentees said in chorus that they really recommend students who consider foreign affiliations to join the mentoring of Cha.

Other Universities

With the general trend for taking mentor programs into universities, many universities as well as SMU have strived for that.  In Yonsei University, each department provides programs which are made suitable for characteristic of each.  There is another program offered by whole school level. This program matches seniors with about five year's seniority in their jobs and junior together on November, season of getting a job.  Each junior can choose senior who juniors want to be, and they have times in casual and comfortable atmosphere.  In Chung-Ang University, students can have a class teacher from entrance into a school to graduation.  Each class teacher has responsibility for about 30 students.  They receive counsel for studies, school life, and career from their own teacher.  Each university makes great efforts and attracts funds for better mentor programs.

“SMU has been benchmarked by other universities for its mentoring courses since 2003.”  SMU have offered lots of mentor programs.  Represented by Mentoring Program through Professor Mentor Program, Advisory Committee Mentor Program with public figure and alumnae, and twinning ceremony of mentor-mentee, these are the things.  When you want to talk about your small worry, your dream, and your life, there are many mentors waiting for you in SMU.  Your stretched arm for finding a mentor is all you need.

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