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Sookmyungians, how is your night going?  This question may sound somewhat weird to you, but I am very serious because I can’t sometimes fall asleep late into the night and I am not talking of primary insomnia, I mean your big worry which makes you toss and turn sleepless in bed night after night.  I am already a junior in university whether I want or not.  Although I am already anxious and thinking I am not ready to get a job or I have nothing to be proud of, I have to run and run hard toward graduation.  Maybe, tonight, I will also worry about my uncertain future and what I really want to be.  And I would struggle to find or do anything which relieves the anxiety.  The foggy anxiety is getting stronger when I compare myself with those around me.

I am sure a lot of Sookmyungians’ midnights and dawns are too sentimental and they face hard times like me.  So, I think the book ‘Youth Is Meant to Be Painful’ written by Kim Rando (Kim), a consumer studies professor at Seoul National University could be a bestseller.  For the anxious and lonely youths of our time, here is the famous saying of professor Kim in the book.

“Each flower has its own blossom season.  Forsythia or camellia each have their season in which they should bloom.  Even flowers also know time for full bloom in that way, why are you impatient to bloom in early spring?  Are you frustrated?  Do your friends continue to thrive except only you who are killing time doing nothing?  Don’t forget, there is a season for your flower to bloom.  The time has just not arrived.  Someday your flower will bloom.  Though it is late, you will show your matter as colorful as any flowers if your season comes.  So, raise your head.  Prepare your season.”

I think our tonight is meant to be painful.  We sometimes hurt ourselves with the big worries and drop down because proceeding is so hard and fearful.  However, we are the youth because we have pain.  Cheer up!  Aren’t you young?  Tonight, keep tearing your hair out and be a genuine youth.  Don’t run away from your pain.  So, how beautiful our tonight is!


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