What Is My Position?
What Is My Position?
  • Kim Lee Ji-hye
  • 승인 2007.05.24 23:00
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On April 3, for the first time Sookmyung leadership groups got together to construct mutual friendship between the various leadership groups, sharing the Sookmyung vision of “making 10% of Korean leaders from Sookmyung by 2020.”  In this event, about 36 leadership groups, including the Sookmyung Student Ambassadors, Sookmyung Interpretation Volunteers, and Polaris among others.

Of course, The Sookmyung Times was invited.  However, I wondered why I should attend.  Moreover, I wondered about where my post should be.  Above all, Student Culture and Welfare’s haughty behavior dumbfounded me.  Without considering The Sookmyung Times’ official schedule, the Student Culture and Welfare organization contacted me for a meeting only 8 hours before the rehearsals.  This was a clear cause of conflict.  However, I think the root of problem stems from the lack of a clear definition of just what a leadership group is, and in particular how the press is viewed in the university. 

What is my position?  I have heard from my seniors that The Sookmyung Times is not dongari or leadership group, but instead is an organ in Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU).  Moreover, as I look around the Sookmyung organizations, The Sookmyung Times (under the SookdaeShinboSa) was included with the Health Care Center and Asian Pacific Women'sInformationNetworkCenter as an auxiliary organization.  Among Sookmyung organizations, The Sookmyung Times holds an independent position from any leadership group, but actually, SMU handles the press as same as any leadership groups.  It is an example showing lack of consistency for the press and what leadership group is.  

Any leadership group and the press, including The Sookmyung Times, needs to be recognized as being different, and to make an integrated standard.  University press aims to craft or reflect public opinion.  Therefore, to cover the fact is prior to voluntary service.  From a wider viewpoint, events should be covered for the service of the reader, not SMU authorities.  However, SMU authority is apt to think that the SMU press tries to offer another voluntary service, like some leadership groups.  I really want to ask why we should be included with the leadership groups.  I anticipate SMU will make a guideline as to what constitutes a leadership group as soon as possible.  







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