• Lim Yang Yunjeong
  • 승인 2011.06.06 20:31
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Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-chief

Thanks to.
Firstly I want to appreciate my colleagues; my strong advisor Hyesun, perfect girl Dahye, lovely angel Jiwon, and english teacher Injin.  I never forget time working with you.  Next, I am also thankful for my juniors; next editor-in-chief Geunah, humorous writer Jinyong, cheerful mascot Dabom, hidden treasure Sooyoung, cute tomboy Minah, and new cub reporters (Hyeeun, Jungwon, Suenghee, Hyungsun) who obviously have talents for SMT.  I believe you will be able to make SMT better.  Last but not least, I send out my best regards to professors who were always out there for SMT; our mother prof.  Siyeun Moon and dependable mentor prof.  Dustin Tower.  I will always miss you and please look after SMT.  Thank you so much!  Love you!  FOREVER SMT!

Sah Kim Hyesun / Women Desk Editor

SMT is finally finished through a long period which doesn’t seem to be ended to me.  Now I became Junior as a result, I feel sweet as if I showered on a scorchingly hot summer day.  For over two years, every SMT reporter who has her own beliefs, values, and characters which keep our own colors to express ourselves.  At first, these colors didn’t mix well; therefore, we figured out a way to create a marble with all the colors.  If the colors are mixed, it must be a disgusting color mixture, however, we made a beautiful marble which has moved people.  And I still and forever believe the marble was the motivation to create SMT.  The day to say goodbye to SMT feels suddenly bittersweet to me.

Park Lee Dahye / Society Desk Editor

I have just finished the last article, but actually I can’t believe this is the last time when I can write an article as a reporter of SMT.  At the beginning, everything in SMT felt strange for me because all the processes of publishing an article written in my name required me to be very professional, which constantly challenged me.  So, I really appreciate everything I got in SMT, and thank Professor Dustin Tower, Professor Siyeun Moon, and SMT’s family.

Kim Jung Jiwon / Culture Desk Editor

I was one of the readers of SMT, and now I'm here as a last writer in my SMT times.  Maybe I will be a reader again soon but a different reader than in the past. Through the precious moments in SMT, I felt glad, gained many things, and grew up.  These memorable times can raise me to be a better person, and from now I will work to raise my life to the higher level outside SMT's fence.  Maybe you also have unforgettable experiences that made you grow.  SMT was the very thing for me.  I miss it already, SMT!

Park Kim Injin / Women Desk Editor

The time flies.  It is already a time to say goodbye to SMT.  By having a chance to be a reporter of SMT, I learnt a lot to improve myself to be a better person.  I lost a few and earned a lot.  I made good friends and special memories that sure cannot be gained easily.  Now as a regular subscriber of SMT, I look forward to meeting a better SMT.  Farewell.

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