Working Mom's Baby Birth Plan
Working Mom's Baby Birth Plan
  • Professor Yun Seonsong
  • 승인 2011.09.14 19:24
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Recent bad news is that the number of one member-families exceed the number of 4 members-families in Korea.  It implies that our generation lives very lonely at home.  It makes me concern because I believe that our happiness derived from human relationships.  Increasing singles population (no marriage) and low birth rates are recent social phenomenon in Korea.  Why do families not want to have kids?  In the future women will mostly work.  Especially for the working mom, kids may look like a hindrance to the women who choose to pursue a career.  When it comes to having children during the first few years, raising the kids is tough.  Spoon feeding, potty training and changing diapers may all seem like a pain to a busy mother.  However, for the working
mom, one baby is not enough because working moms have not as much time to play with her child.  If you all have two kids; at least the kids have each other to make miserable, and when you
come home I’m sure they will be too tired to make you miserable.  Also as a bonus a three or a four year olds difference are the best teachers for potty training, use this innate knack of young children to teach your smaller child and it pays off for sure.  How will you gain all these benefits? Only if you have more than two kids.  For the kid, more kids are better for their more
happiness.  Why? f(x) = QUOTE is the definitive equation when it comes to kids.  f(x) is the number of event happening in their daily life and x is the number of kids.  It means that many sisters and brothers may have good sociality through training.  It is believed that trained sociality guarantees their happiness in their future life.  Moreover, there is nothing like raising children that motivates their parents to do their best.  Although raising children may be difficult on a daily basis, parents set goals to do their best on the basis of their responsibility even in her social goal.  Our society is currently starting to appreciate child birth and appropriate government policies are being implemented to assist in raising a child.  Also even men are starting to understand women and many intend to help their partners in areas originally exclusive to women.  As these social changes take place, I believe raising many kids will become easier.  Apart from raising a new generation to lead tomorrow’s Korea, your children are a gift to the parent giving joy every day.

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