Sprout of ROTC in SMU
Sprout of ROTC in SMU
  • Kim Ji yeeun / Reporter
  • 승인 2011.09.14 20:51
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Sixty female high school students participated in Junior ROTC camp held at SMU on July 20.  Most of camp programs took place on campus, giving members had a useful time for their future dreams. Students had mentoring time with future seniors.  They talked with the first women ROTC students and Polaris, who are honorary ambassadors at SMU.  SMU provided not only lectures, but outdoor activities as well.  All of participants went to JSA with the ROTC.  The purpose of this camp was to help students who want to be female soldiers and raise their leadership.  This camp was regarded as a meaningful project that was opened by SMU.  The reason is our school is the first university which attracted women ROTC students.  “Throughout this opportunity, students will think more about the security of our nation and their future path.  Also, it will be good for selecting new ROTC members of
SMU,”  said Park Eun Jin, leadership center’s headmaster at SMU.  Through this, many prewomen ROTC will experience and can decide their dream vividly.  This camp will be held continuously.

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