I Want to Be on My Way!
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승인 2011.11.07  23:06:55
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How did you start traveling?
In fact, I didn’t start with a thorough plan to travel.  Also, it isn’t true that I have liked traveling since I was young.  Although I always thought that I was stifled because I had lived in
 a laboratory since high school, I didn’t decide to travel.  I didn’t know about traveling at all.  It was my first trip to go with the project of visiting which was supported by SMU.  Then, by chance, I traveled with Raillo and I had interest in it from that moment on.  Finally I want to go to every train station in Korea.

SMT Are you ever scared you might get lost in your traveling? Do you think it is another pleasure of travel?
Honestly it is so depressing to get lost in traveling.  It especially makes me feel gloomy when I get lost in the mountains.  Once, I was lost in the mountains on my way and fortunately I found a temple in the mountain.  I was convinced that the temple had a room which I could stay in for free, but I was just expelled.  However the moments become memories.  Besides, my ability to find the way has gradually improved as I travel.  I think fear is a problem when we can’t start anything.

SMT Do you think we should take a trip?
PARK I think the three things which can teach me about the world are books, conversation
and travel.  I want to be a person who makes new content.  I have thought I should have something which gives me input and I chose traveling.  Books and conversation are the passages which make me know other people’s lives and traveling is the passage which makes me know other worlds.  You think our country is so small but it is not.  For example Busanand Miryang are different even though they are located next to each other.  From the difference of characters, I learn the world and communicate.  However, I don’t think it is suitable for everyone.  Some learn the world from movies and some like dramas.  For me, travel is the answer, but it’s not for everyone.

SMT What do you think about travel for resting such as the travel to go to another country to go shopping or play on a beach?
I think it is good.  I want to go there because I am so tired recently.  I am not the person who divides working and resting.  I think working with pleasure becomes resting and resting with boredom becomes working.  At that point, travel for resting can become the path to learn.  We could learn that spending time there is so good.



SMT People who think travel is a spec for getting a job are increasing.
I have seen a suggestion in the community on the Internet.  “Do you want to go Job Travel with me?” Job Travel is the travel to go on a trip with the flag which has a company logo of the company they want to work for.  It is just for appealing.  Of course I understand it, but I didn’t really like it.  I think the argument that “the story wins the spec” is good.  However, the argument has been
emphasized to the point that the story has become the spec.  The fact that googler Kim Taewon’s story won the spec is good.  From his story, people just follow his story instead of their own, and they are making the story which is just for the spec.  In my opinion, people should pay attention to the fact that he didn’t make his story just for specs.  He made his story naturally through the process in which he did something he wanted to do.


SMT Which traveler do you want to be?
Parents always say that the future would be a comfort if you do your best, and the society also just says, “We’ll support your effort.” Because of that, students get tired and feel uneasy.  On the other hand, is there any assurance if I enjoy this moment, I would get trouble? Hence I’ll strive for something I want to do.  One of the things which makes me happy is writing.  Nevertheless, I don’t want to be a reporter or editor to write for a job.  I want to write for my pleasure.  I want to be on my way.  Hwang Sukyoung, who is one of my favorite writers, said, “Go your way, whatever people say.” I want to be a traveler who follows my way and lives doing something I want to do.

Recommendation to Sookmyungians - Yeong Wol
1. Dong Gang Museum of Photography
It is the first public photograph museum in Korea that it has become a must for sightseeing in Yeong wol.  Contrary to the museums in Seoul, which are magnificent and impressive, it is attractive that the exhibition are planned based on Yeong wol.
2. The street of Food
You can meet the street of food in Yeong wol if you go straight into the western market of Yeong wol.  With daily life of people and foods, you should be stolen your heart by murals and sculptures.  3. Jangneung
The royal mausoleum of Danjong who was the sixth king of the Joseon Dynasty.

-Park Solhee
Political Science and International Relations ’08
Published the columns serially in Ohmynews and Daehak Naeil
The writer of the book Chungchun Raile



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