The Best Way to Improve Power of Thinking-Book Debate
The Best Way to Improve Power of Thinking-Book Debate
  • Yoon Han Eunjung / Cub Reporte
  • 승인 2011.12.20 12:49
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The final contest of 2011, the sixth annual book debate national championship hosted by Kyobo and SMU was held on November 12 in the Veritas Building.  From last year, the competition started received sponsorship from the city of Seoul and the ministry of culture, sports and tourism.  This contest is divided into two sections, the high school and the university group, and each group with two people had passed several preliminary tests from September.  Especially, the topic of discussion, ‘The Nature of Human vs.  The Human of Nature; Who is the owner of the earth?' was selected according to the book Small is Beautiful by Ernst Schumacher, and Bio Kapital by Andreas Weber.  The university teams competing were Boong-eo Bbang and Conversation of Love.  The showdown was so close that the panel of judges couldn’t make a decision easily.  Especially, the competitors showed clever stage presence, asserting their strong and clear opinions as much as the university teams.  Conversation of Love won the university group.  “This contest is a good chance to improve my reasoning power from criticizing the author and book.  Also I felt the partnership is very important to progress in a team.” Hong Jungeun who was the champion in the university contest said.  According to her words, debating on a book is a great way to enhance analytical thinking and understanding the author’s opinion entirely.  Debating of this championship followed the rule which is made by SMU’s General Education Institute, and the winners received prize 1,500,000 won and 3,000,000 won, respectively, for the high school and university teams.  Also, the winner of the university students gets a benefit should they choose to work for Kyobo.  The professor of POSTEC, Lee added, “It was a great time for everyone and I found a lot of probabilities to develop the education of debate in the department of liberal arts”.  Also, in this festival, lots of professors, students, and celebrities from other universities graced the occasion.

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