Korean Sea’s Principal Say Leadership
Korean Sea’s Principal Say Leadership
  • Yoo Kang Hyun-ji
  • 승인 2007.06.21 12:29
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On May 17, the Korean “king of sea” came to Sookmyung with the cool rain.  In the Samsung Convention Center, Lee Hong-hee, the Chief of Republic of Korean Naval Academy, expressed his pleasure in visiting SMU, saying “My daughter is also a SMU graduate.  I know that SMU is no longer just a place for raising classical housewives.”  First, he put an emphasis on the importance of the sea, in aspects of world trade, abundant mineral sources and clean energy.  In addition, he critically pointed out Korean’s obscure fear of the sea.  Second, he showed slides introducing the Navy and the academy.  Above all, in his lecture he focused on two desirable leadership traits, those of Admiral Yi Soon-shin and Admiral Son Won-il, who was the nation’s first Chief of Naval Operations.  “Their soft and dedicated leadership is followed by both SMU and our school.  Admiral YI spoke directly with low sailors as he participated in the most of catastrophic wars.  Admiral Son took part in the Incheon Landing Operation, even though his rank was high.  Once he also rejected a promotion proposal.”  He insisted on using soft and assimilating leadership, not strong and hard leadership.

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