It is Time to Make a Fresh Start!
It is Time to Make a Fresh Start!
  • Yoon Han Eunjung
  • 승인 2012.04.09 23:58
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On March 5, the first day of the semester, SMU held the event Welcome together! New Semester! Fresh Start! in Queen Sunheon square.  This event was especially prepared to celebrate freshmen, and also the Lifetime Education Advisor System through the Blue Ribbon was promoted as well.  Also, some special and pleasant programs brighten up the atmosphere.  Students could take a commemorative picture with a Noon-Songee (means snowflake) doll, which is the symbol of SMU.  Also, from “Letters to myself of 2013,” they could write letters about plans and objectives of 2013 and these letters will return to them after 1 year.  Next to the photo zone, Student Culture and Welfare was encouraging students to join the Lifetime Education Advisor System which is a program to connect each student with professors directly.  Choi Eunjung, department of statistics ’11 , said “From this event, I can recall my freshmen time last year,” and “I think it is a great time for enrolled students, too.” Also, An Seol, Department of Statistics ’12 , said “I took a picture with friends and Noon-Songee.  It will be a precious memory from my freshman time.” This event graced the campus and added activeness to the new semester.


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