Experience and Memories from Dijon
Experience and Memories from Dijon
  • Woo Kyeungjin
  • 승인 2012.05.03 23:11
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Hello, Sookmyung’s sisters! My name is Kyeung Jin WOO and I am majoring in French Language and Culture in 3rd grade. Now, I’m in Dijon, France to study French! Why? Actually, I came in France as an exchange student in CIEF (an institution of French which belongs to the University of Bourgogne, in Dijon) and I’ve already finished a semester as exchange student. However I’m still here to study more. Anyway, from now on, let me talk about my life as the exchange student.  I got to know about this program thanks to the presentation of my senior in the meeting of French Language and Literature in 2010, when I was in 2nd grade. After that, I began to prepare to participate in this program. It is the one which is charged one’s own, so the qualifications for applying were not that difficult. I wrote a resume and passed two interviews. Some papers were in Korean and others were in French. And interviews were also the same.  After following these processes, at the end of October 2010, I was informed that I've made it! (yeah!) Since then, time flied.  I arrived at Paris at September 31 2011 and lecture has begun at October 2nd. At the beginning of the semester, you will take a level test. In CIEF, there are 6 levels in spring semester and 5 levels in winter. Each level corresponds to the level of DELF/DALF. In average, you will be assigned level 2~3 (DELF A2~B1). And the classes of CIEF are divided in 4 sections: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Except level 1, we don’t have any text book but the teacher gives us some prints which are very good. All of the classes are in French, so at first, it made me to make some mistakes like misapprehending the homework. But it got better as the time goes on, thanks to the teaching of the teachers who are very passionate and professional. Beyond the level 4, you can choose some classes among the 8 cultural classes and at the end of the semester, you have to take an exam with the one you’ve choose. For example, I am taking the History of Contemporary Art and it is very interesting. The contents of this class is similar with the one I’ve took in Sookmyung but I can learn in a little bit different view point. In the campus, there is a central library. And in the building which is named ‘Maison de l‘Universite’, there is ‘Mediatheque’ which  s a library only for the students do CIEF. There are many books to exercise listening, reading, writing and grammar. Besides, there is a pretty big collection of DVDs and CDs in French You can register there by paying 20 euros for deposit and it is refundable anytime you want to drop your registration.  And in ‘Mediatheque’, there is a librarian who is very kind so that you can demand some advices about your studies.  During the period that I’ve passed as an exchange student, needless to say, it was a great help to develop French. In my opinion, in my case, speaking and listening level is developed very much. I think that this program is very effective and practical. Additionally, studying in France gives the opportunity to use French in real life. And furthermore, I’ve made a lot of foreign friends and had various experiences. Spending time with friends who are from different country is one of the most efficient methods to practice French. For example, one day I went to a party of my Hungarian friend and I’ve became to make more friends who are French, Romanian and German... So in this way, you can learn diverse cultures by talking with them.  But, there were not only joyful days and bright sides but also some troubles. Therefore, I would like to leave some advices hoping to and in order to be helpful to you. First, the moment you join in this program is important, I think. The earlier you apply to this program, the bigger effectiveness will be. Since between the acceptance and the dispatch, there is the preparatory period which corresponds to one year. So, participating in the program earlier means that you have more opportunity to apply your acquirements to your studies in Sookmyung.  Second, it is better to be prepared for a positive mind and active attitude.  The atmosphere in the class and the attitude of foreign students are extremely different to the one of Korea. So if you propose nothing in the class and don’t approach to the friends, maybe you will go through a little bad path. Asking the meaning of a word that you don’t know, even, is important. That is the participation. So, have your self-confidence and be active. Third, when you go to France, don’t forget to give a challenge to the Work Camp which holds in all Europe. In my opinion, it’s a big chance to learn the partnership with foreigners. I missed the chance to do it and I’m feeling something lacking.  Writing this article, I’ve reminded my passed days in France and it seems like they were pretty nice. I hope I could finish well the rest of my plans in France while I gain more learns. I recommend you to try this program and have precious memories and excellent experiences like I did!

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