Next 10 years after…
Next 10 years after…
  • Byun Ji Geunah
  • 승인 2012.05.04 22:25
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Have you ever think about the mission of your life?


Last month, I had a chance to think about it and made a goal and vision of my life for next ten years.  It was a task, so at first I was very concerned what I should write.  “Which kind of person I want to be?”  I questioned myself several times, and after a good while I started to write down my idea on the note.  An hour later, after writing the mission and some visions with specific goals, I reviewed my writing and suddenly I felt little ashamed.  My mission should not be just showing off thing, but it should represent my value.  However, many things that I wrote were just grandiose thing.  Therefore, I erased all the things, and started all over again.  I questioned myself again and again, and finally I made my own mission and visions with specific goals.  What I really want be after 10 years was not that big thing.  I just want to be a person who can enjoy everything including my own job.  Thus, one of my goals for next year is attending a lecture about sports marketing and traveling stadium.


Throughout this task, I cast my mind back, and I can think about what I really want to achieve in my future.  At first, I just write what people usually expect from me to do.  However, that is not I want to do in my future.  What is your mission and what do you want to do next 10 years after?  What is your specific goal?  If you are concerning with this problem, have a time to write about your own mission, and maybe you can get an answer.


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