What Was the Last Book that You Read?
What Was the Last Book that You Read?
  • An Lee Jung-un
  • 승인 2007.09.10 15:49
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We see diverse images in the media at least once a day.  These media images attract the public attention, but people also gain enjoyment because they are very stimulating.  In this way, image media has become popular among people and is becoming more powerful than print media.  In addition, people like watching TV more than reading and people are gradually losing the pleasure of reading.  Young generations are especially more familiar with image media than old generations.  This situation influences the quantity of book reading.

'Powerjob' and 'Thinkgood' surveyed 376 university students about their quantity of reading.  According to their statistics, 39 percent of university students read one book and 21 of percent students read two books a month.  13 percent of students don’t even read a single book in a month.

University students should develop their abilities and they must gain a broad view of the world.  Then how should they get informed?  There are many ways, but it is universally recognized that the best way is reading books because a book contains a lot of knowledge and give a chance to discern what is correct and incorrect.  However, as these statistics show, university students don't read many books.  University students who don’t read books are limited in their thinking and they will have a hard time being creative and making decisions.

Attaining knowledge from books is the foundation of student thought.  Also university students found our country.  Therefore a country in which students don’t read books is a country that will not grow.  A proverb says that autumn is the season of reading.  How about reading a book today?

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