We Sing the Charm
We Sing the Charm
  • Byun Ji Geunah
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There were two girls who made people fresh throughout the 4 minute song.The name of the song was “Pink Spring.” In the 2011 Campus Song Festival, with a very beautiful voice, group CharmCharm won the Netizens Popularity Award.By Challenging, they won the prize that many university students who love music want to get.Let’s hear about the attractive members of CharmCharm Kong Heewon (KONG) and Yoo Jaemin (YOO), who are students of Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU).  

SMT  How did you make the group Charm Charm?

YOO  It was me who wanted to join the 2011 Campus Song Festival.  Therefore, I first made a group with some sisters and sang a song.  However, I think it we don’t mix well.  Meanwhile, I reminded one of my middle school alumnae Heewon who sings very well, so I asked her how about forming a group together.  Strangely, we worked in perfect harmony and this is how the group CharmCharm was founded.  The reason why we named our group CharmCharm is very simple.  While recording, I saw Cham cracker and suddenly an idea came up.  To further add, the word charm means, we want to be an attractive group, so we named ourselves CharmCharm.  We suddenly formed a group, but it only took 10~14 days to make our music because we were on the same wavelength. 



SMT  What did you feel through the 2011 Campus Song Festival? 

YOO&KONG All the things were the first time, so what I felt first was romance.  Recording a song, shooting with an ENG camera...  Everything was wonderful and fun.  Also, my heart fluttered while we had a live broadcast in Andong.  However, as time passed, I felt nervous because there were too many people.  And I think that’s why I felt the futility after the performance.  At that time, I was in a full strain because of singing in the 2011 Campus Song Festival was my only goal, so after I achieved that goal, I wondered what I should do next.  However, after the announcement of the results and we won the prize, I was very happy and satisfied for working hard for the last three months.  I felt many things during the challenge.


SMT  Have you ever thought about doing music in the school club?

KONG  I joined the classic guitar club, Sulhyunae (雪絃愛) and learned guitar.  However, I couldn’t participate well in a subscription concert because I joined late, so I had some problem with my study.  I could make good friends who love music in the club, though.  Beyond this, I listen to the music alone. 

SMT  Isn’t it hard to hold down doing music and studying at the same time?

YOO&KONG  I never think studying and doing music at the same time is hard.  Adults in Korea usually associate people in the music area as a Ddanddara, which comes from the idea of holding musician very cheaply, so they say it is hard to do both music and studying.  However, people who do music jobs do not think only about music and leave everything else aside.  People usually say some exercise gives energy in our life.  In the same way, music is a way to relieve stress while we study,  not a hindrance of studying.

SMT  What do you want to do under the name of CharmCharm?

YOO  I’m very interested in writing, so I usually enjoy listening to music with lyrics that give me a lot to think about.  Because of this, I want to write a lyric that people can easily empathize with.  Actually, I wrote our song “Pink Spring’s” lyrics with our usual emotion which can feel in school or somewhere we hang around.  I want to make a song which can people empathize with like that. KONG  After the 2011 Campus Song Festival, we talk about a mini-album and concert, but we couldn’t do anything because we were too busy.  Therefore, first, I want to make an album with Jaemin and perform a concert.

SMT  What does challenge mean to both of you?



YOO&KONG  Many people think that we should do special a thing when we call our actions a challenge.  However, I think a challenge can be everything that we do in our life.  Have diverse experiences and using time actively can also be a challenge in our life.  In that sense, I want to tell Sookmyungians to join many programs in school.  Recently, I want to give a challenge in various school projects, but I can’t join it because this year is my last semester.  I hope that many Sookmyungians do not miss a chance to take a challenge.



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