Students Gather to Make a Difference
Students Gather to Make a Difference
  • Yi Sohn Joonyoung
  • 승인 2012.05.04 23:14
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On the 31st of March, more than 1,300 students gathered at the Sunheon plaza to participate in the historical meeting of the Entire Student Council, which  was last held six years ago.  This council can only be organized if at least one-seventh of all enrolled students gather together, and so after an hour of waiting, the final count of the gathered students added up to 1,374 students, which brought the Student Council President to tears.  The first item discussed in the meeting was the “Five Demands,” which included the return of the 769 million won illegally pocketed and the reduction in tuition fees.  The president gave no reply towards these demands in the past, and thus the question was whether we were to accept it.  Everyone was against accepting.  The next item was to agree on a visit to the President Young Sil Han’s office as a joint action of the “entire student council.”  Everyone was for. Finally, the elimination of the undemocratic student regulation was tested.  The content of this certain regulation is that all student regulations must be approved by the president in order for it to be of effect.  Everyone was for eliminating this rule.  The meeting ended with the head of the student council’s immediate visit to the president’s office with around 70 other students.  Song Bora, Department of Public Relations and Advertisings ’11, says “This was a good opportunity for the students to realize the seriousness of Sookmyung’s current situation, and for them to speak aloud their opinions and make them count.”  Afterwards, a few students remained to write their wishes on a blue ribbon and tie them up on the trees in the Sunheon Square.




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