Design Talk with Innovation
Design Talk with Innovation
  • Lim Lee Hyungsun
  • 승인 2012.05.04 23:23
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The lecture entitled Barber & Jay Osgerby was held in Centennial Hall of Samsung Convention Hall from ten to twelve on March 30.  This lecture is as the one of the World Tour projects, and Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby started it to celebrate the first collaboration of Vitra.  Vitra is the famous Swiss company which makes conceptual furniture with world-wide designers.  Also, presenters Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby are British designers and they do industrial design, furniture design, and even architecture.  Beginning with the success in England, they caused a sensation all over Europe thanks to innovative design.  Seoul, Korea is the third city which held the presentation after Prague and Tokyo.  They were set to give lectures all three times in Korea and one of them was held at SMU.  The subject of the lecture was about Barber & Osgerby’s philosophy of design and was run focusing on their portfolio.  Choi Sol, Department of Visual & Multimedia Design ’10 said, “This lecture was really exciting.  I was surprised at their new thought and touched by their works.  I can’t forget the fabric sofa that is possible to change the color according to my mood.  Of course I want to have the Tip Ton chair they make.” Through the lecture, a large attendances could have an opportunity to know about the latest fashion trends and new ways of thinking.



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