Sookmyungian-Only Community
Sookmyungian-Only Community
  • Cho Ku Yun-ji
  • 승인 2007.09.11 14:40
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  The online community for only Sookmyungians, named Snorose, opened on August 15.  The name Snorose is formed by combining two words: snow for Sookmyung’s symbol and rose, the symbol for woman.  This symbolizes a pure, dignified and passionate woman.  In addition, the snow emblem represents love for our school, SMU.

   What Troika – the 39th students government – especially emphasized when making Snorose was the design.  The harmonized black and bluish green maximizes the elegant visual effect.  At the same time, 3D effect makes the community more vivid.

  Inside Snorose, there are many message boards including an anonymous message board, which is what many Sookmyungians have been waiting for.  Begun in January, Troika kept one of its pledges to satisfy Sookmyungian’s welfare by making an online community for only Sookmyungians.  Through Snorose, it is expected to play a strong role in connecting Sookmyungians.










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