• Chung Jinyong, Ahn Dabom
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Kim Chung Jinyong / Society Desk Editor

First of all, I know it sounds no more than just cliché, but I have to assert that I earned a lot of things from The Sookmyung Times (SMT). When I first entered SMT, I was a young and naïve freshman who just graduated from high school.  For me of that time, SMT was so stressful and I felt as I am shackled by this university group activity.  I had to give up so many things which were considered important to me at that time.  Whenever I went home late at night, I was always uncertain whether my choice was right or wrong.  However, looking back, now I realized that my choice was right.  Through 2 and a half years, which is quite long, I grew up inside and out.  I obviously felt this way to not only myself, but also to my colleagues.  Although I had to give up several things, in the end, what I earned was bigger than what I lost.  I could continuously write English articles which improved my writing skills and English ability.  All the training I got from SMT improved my knowledge and critical thinking, which are essential to my future career in journalism.  Moreover, my vision became broader and I learned social ability.  I really want to thank all the seniors and juniors, but the ones who I deeply appreciate are my colleagues.  They are people with warm hearts and outstanding ability who always tried to understand a person like me.  I guarantee that SMT will advance drastically in the near future, and I hope that one day, I would be the senior who is working as a journalist, thinking proudly about SMT.

Ahn Park Dabom / Women Desk Editor

Finally, it comes.  The ending.  At last the day comes.  I don’t know what to say.  Writing the article is easier than this.  I regret that finally I write this ADIEU.  It is really the end.  The Sookmyung Times (SMT) was the main of my university life, so I can’t imagine life without SMT.  It was so precious to me, but actually it was so hard.  In my cub reporter’s days, every day I decided to leave SMT.  Writing in English is so unfamiliar to me, and there are a lot of works to do including writing an article.  On vacation training, every day I stayed up all night to prepare a seminar.  If you don’t experience the tight schedule of training, you wouldn’t empathize.  You can’t imagine how much I cried, and how much I was frustrated.  However, I gained the precious memory with the co-laborers and learned a lot as well as the writing skills.  Although I got in trouble every month and I disappointed myself, I finally met a satisfying result.  Also, I was growing up with them.  Moreover, I found the precious people who were near me and cheered me up.  With SMT, I learned a lot.  I can’t recite all of the things in this small page.  From now, I will challenge others, and get in trouble again.  However, now, I’m not afraid.  My experiences in SMT would be a
guide for me.

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