Today through Reading Keyword
Today through Reading Keyword
  • Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung
  • 승인 2007.09.11 15:14
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Last semester, Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) launched a new class.  The class is ‘Today Through Reading Keyword’ and has several features that differ from any other course offered at Sookmyung.

First of all, everyone is familiar with classes that have just one professor.  However, the students of this class are able to learn from five different professors teaching the class together.  These professors all have experts in different fields.  One professor specializes in one of the following: English Language & Literature, Biological Science, Design, and Political Science & Public Administration.  In this way, courses are from several majors are linked together.  This is the first attempt of universities in Korea.

Next, student can learn about a topic from the several different viewpoints because they are earning from five different professors.  Have you ever read about modern science through literature?  Have you ever thought about science with design?  Have you ever seen science in view of politics or biotechnology?  If not, you can experience it all with this lecture.  An important point of the course is the fact that it is linked with five professors. 

Due to this, the way of study is special.  Sometimes, students and professor talk freely about the literature that was assigned as homework.  They share their opinion and then reach some conclusion.  At other times, they watch some video or show a presentation of another professor.  The process of study varies from professor to professor.  However, the strong point of the lecture is that every member is at liberty to state their own views.

The Reporter’s After-note

I attended this course last semester as a student, not as a reporter for The Sookmyung Times. Now I want to deliver some information on this lecture.  This after-note is on the basis of first semester in 2007.
This lecture was launched in the spring semester in 2007 for the first time.  Because of that, many people, including myself, didn’t know what to expect from the course.  When students don’t know about a course, they can find a syllabus on the intranet.  Of course, I found that.  I checked the plan, and found the fact that it would be taught by five professors to be too interesting to pass up. 

 Because of the fact that there are five lecturers, there is a lot of reading and thinking in the view of diversity.  The five professors that taught this course are: Kim Young ran (Graduate School of Public Policy), Jong Hoon Park (Biological Science), Inchan Pak (English Language & Literature), Swoo K. Suh-Lee (Design), Kyung Ock Chun (Political Science & Public Administration).  Firstly Prof. Kim Young ran processed the first time and last class time.  After the first orientation time, students learned about modern science or technology from Prof. Jong Hoon Park.  This lecture used a general presentation. 

It was difficult for me, yet so interesting and surprising.  The next section, Prof. Inchan Pak taught science in literature.  Then, students had to read two short novels and one thick book.  Students watched an interesting movie during class.  After reading or watching, sharing one’s opinion is refreshing but difficult due to the students general shyness.  In the case of Prof. Swoo K. Suh-Lee, the professor used a presentation like Prof. Jong Hoon Park.  Students were taught modern architecture related science and technology. 

The special subject was universal design.  In class of Prof. Kyung Ock Chun, students often watched videos.  In particular, after watching the video, students were to think about science and politics. Sometimes, it was difficult for me.  After the grades came out, I was shocked at method of grade.  I didn’t know that the course was only offered as Pass / Fail, not A,B,C system.  Nobody told me about the fact that this class was a Pass/Fail course. 

If you take the course, you may forget that it is Pass / Fail owing to the frequent homework and an active participation required during class.  You should consider this point if you’re thinking about registering for the class in the future.  You must always think and speak your thoughts.  I didn’t regret selecting this course.  Some may think that there is too much homework; however, homework did not impose a heavy burden.  You can acquire information related to the modern society and science without a heavy burden.  Perhaps, you can enjoy one semester with this class.

Information about the Lecture in Brief:
1) This class is a cultural study.
2) The professors change every 3 weeks.
3) The professors ask for active participate and students freely speak their opinion.
4) Each professor sets homework.  Generally, homework is a three-page report.
5) There is only one exam (no mid-term exam).  The final exam made of an average of one question on each subject, five to six questions in all.
6) Students receive a Pass / Fail grade, not A,B,C system.
7) If you are absent more 3 times, you fail the course.

Recommended for Someone
 ★who wants to learn in a different method.
 ★who wants to see modern society with modern technology.
 ★who wants to speak their mind freely.

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