New Beginning with Our 18th President Hwang
New Beginning with Our 18th President Hwang
  • Kim Jo Dana
  • 승인 2012.10.10 20:08
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On September 13th, the inauguration ceremony for the 18th president, Hwang Sunhye, was held in Centennial Hall.  The ceremony was about an hour long and over 100 people came to celebrate Mrs.  Hwang.  It started with the welcoming remarks by Lee Yongtae who is a chairman of the Board of Trustees.  Following the speaking of Lee, the inaugural address by our new president was started. President Hwang said, “As the name ‘Sookmyung’ indicates, I want to make SMU a pure and bright university.  Also I want to make everyone in SMU achieve their dream and realize the dignity of peple.  I will be at the very lower part, and I will become the foundation for everyone.” Also she emphasized three things to make SMU a more desirable university; autonomous environment, continuously locating financial resources and the happiness of members of Sookmyung.  Kim Soyeon, Division of Business Administration ′12, said, “It was nice to see who our next president is.  Also I wish that Sookmyung can develop one step more with the new president.  But, when I first came here to see the ceremony, I felt like this is not for students because there were only seats for faculty members.  So I was a little bit nervous.” Hwang started her official term as the new president of SMU on September 1st.

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