New Place for Your Knowledge to Snow, SnowBoard
New Place for Your Knowledge to Snow, SnowBoard
  • Yoo Kim Juhee
  • 승인 2012.10.10 20:15
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From the 2nd semester of 2012, SMU’s new on-line learning system, SnowBoard is setting out.  Different from the prior system, e-Class, SnowBoard provides unique functions such as examining plagiarism, on-line chatting, doing surveys, quizzes, and debate.  It also supports seven languages and diverse forms of lectures.  Moreover, SMU can now meet the on-line learning system on their mobiles.  Executives from the Center for Teaching and Learning said, “Compared to constantly developing IT infrastructures and changing education forms, e-Class was getting out of date.  Therefore, we felt a need to establish SnowBoard with diverse functions for SMU’s convenience and more interactions with each other.” The Center for Teaching and Learning opened workshops for students and professors to help them get used to the system.  Lee Eungee, Division of Business Administration ’12 said, “Although I’ve read the manuals, it’s still too sophisticated to understand the whole system.  Also, because it has to be logged in separately from BlueReborn or SM community, it’s uncomfortable.” The Center promised that they would integrate SnowBoard into the BlueReborn System as soon as possible so that there is no need to log in again.  Snowboard and e-Class is planned to be run simultaneously only for this semester to provide students and professors a term to adapt.

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